This shadowless lamp is characterized by low-temperature illuminated surface, high-level shadowless effect and large-scope illumination adjustment and is suitable for deep operation, transplant operation and other operations.

Outline design
Adopt total sealed streamline design, easy to clean and sterilization.

The light panel is made of PC material, it has a good performance in light transmission and anti-cleaning agent, anti-radiation sterilization and never fading through using or sterilization.

AKZO NOBEL power painting, no fading and corrosion resistant.

Guarantee shadowless effect

Using CAD(computer aided design) and CAM(computer aided making) technology. It has 3800 reflectors in special shape to guarantee shadowless effect.

Hand control panel
Light luminance could be adjusted within 10 grades;
When main bulb is in malfunction, spare bulb will be open automatically to guarantee safe operation;
On the panel, there are also trouble lamp indicators for main and spare bulb, to remind surgeons to change bulb after operation.

Adopte Germany OSRAM bulb, with service life of more than 1000hours.
Each single shadowless lamp of Yuda can produce 120,000lux luminance, which can be steplessly adjusted. Only in this luminance surgeons can get 50% of the visible light of operation area.

To ensure our shadowless lamp emits cold light continuously, we adopt new filter which can filter 99.5%infrared component. Using this method we can get only light without heat.

The color temperature calibration system designed by expert providing 4500K color temmperature, approaching the natural sunlight, to ensure the surgeon to identify the color of vascular tissue and nerve tract clearly and accurately.

Color rendering index is over 97, to show the most real color of organs and tissues.

Category Luxurious square-arm shadowless lamp
Made in China
Type Single lamp, mobile with trolley
Packaging Imported Square-arm, New Control Box, Focusing Handle
Warranty 1 Years