This shadowless lamp is characterized by low-temperature illuminated surface, high-level shadowless effect and large-scope illumination adjustment and is suitable for deep operation, transplant operation and other operations.

Hanging System
Adopt Germany Odal balance arm system, rotating in 360 degrees to satisfy any request in operation.


  • Long service life
    LED bead has a service life of 50000 hours, 40 times of that of halogen bulb. It saves maintenance cost.
  • Shadowless effect
    Configured with beads with two similar color temperature, and the configuring design is patented. This design is realized by computer-simulating, to provide shadowless effect and avoid eye fatigue of surgeons.
  • Cold light effect
    Adopt imported Osram LED beads as light source, with low infrared ray, to provide perfect cold light effect.
  • Color temperature
    4500K color temmperature, approaches the natural sunlight, to ensure the surgeon to identify the color of vascular tissue and nerve tract clearly and accurately.
  • Color rendering index is  92, to show the most real color of organs and tissues.

Hand control panel

  • Luminance and focus adjust
    Imported DC stepping motor, adjust the luminance and color temperature by touching the panel.
    Focal distance is adjusted by turning the handle in middle of lamp head.
No. AKL KEMENKES RI AKL 21603716334
Category Operating Lamp LED Surgery Light
Type YDE 700-500
Made in China
Type Dual Lamp, 700 with 60 pieces of LED and 500 with 45 pieces of LED
Packaging imported square arm, new control panel, focus handle
Warranty 1 Year